Targeted Testimony Story of TI from Korea .
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Targeted Testimony - Story of TI from Korea .
Dear Sir/ Ma'am
1. Targeting I am a real person, I can feel pain, shame, suffering. But the South Korean perps said to me, "you are not a human, so you have no human rights." The revolutionary technology could enable abusers to torture through computerized equipment without visible proof. This hidden serious crime should be exposed and investigated for the victim, for all the people in the world for the better world. This can happen again in secret.  
[size=x-small]Every person has the right to life, liberty, privacy. It needs public awareness .
Thank you for your passion and faith in Human Rights and Justice. A person like you made me believe in restorative justice.  

1998:  Torture began in 1998 and has continued up to now (2021), since victimized in South Korea by the S. Korea Government in 1998 in order to conduct Human Research for the Human Genome Project of the USA
Torture and abuse method: V2K, Reading my thought, Threat, Control, Manipulate, Punish and Watch all part of my body, inside and outside.
How to be a victim: The Criminals by the S. Korea Government of 1998 Intruded into my single house (equipped with home security) illegally, secretly one night in 1998 after targeting me for some time and inserted tiny electrode micro-chip into my body while sleeping, they even anesthetized me, which made me feel different from usual after waking up the next morning.
2006: Quit my job and trip to Europe, while torture continued, and returned home destroyed mentally, emotionally and physically.
2014: Immigrated to Georgia, USA after waiting for over10 years (I applied for it in 2002)
2017: I moved to Raleigh NC and soon the S. Korean perps following me from their country to near my house have begun atrocious torture, abuse, and sleep-deprivation, coerce, death-threat 24/7, over 3 years without omitting a day up to now. (2021)
I researched and discovered why the S. Korean Perps rushed to me in US and unpardonable sleep-deprivation (every night they woke me up as soon as I fell asleep), abuse and torture .

Here are the reasons why .
The National Priority of the 2017 New Government of South Korea was Neuroscience - Decipher mechanism and clinical studies on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, Heart Disease,  Cancer, AI, Nanotechnology, believing the future POWER depends on IT.
They planned to be a top contender in Asia and a top4 contender on the Global and according to that plan, enormous, huge amount of money invested in the Neurotechnology .
Their method:  Aggressive online Human Research 
Their strategy  Global collaboration. They held and hosted the International Brain and Neuroscience Research Conference in Daegu, S. Korea in 2017  
2018:  The funding for Global Alzheimer centers increased historically in 2018, some months later than the time when  the S. Koreans rushed and began horrible torture including sleep deprivation. (In 2020 the Alzheimer medicine trial enrollment began! That's why they had done sleep-deprivation torturer every night for over 3 years!
2019: I asked for help from some groups like Human Rights Groups, investigative journalists, reporters, and police officers and inter-shelter in Raleigh but instead of help, I was in the mental hospital.  I moved to NYC in November, 2019 .
2020: Another torture, so-called Microwave torture began up to now (2021), instead of Sleep deprivation and almost at the same time there were commercial announcements about Alzheimer medicine clinical trial enrolling .
2021:  According to a activist, Microwave torture is for cancer cure, it caused cancer to humans .
2. Who did you go to for help?
Whenever I tried to report the crime in S. Korea S. Koreans threatened to send me to the mental hospital in a subtle way, reading my thoughts ahead of me, which made me traumatized and kept silent for a long time .
In the USA I asked for help from some Human Right Groups, Investigative Journalists and Reporters, Police, Bar associations, and Inter-shelter, but the law could not protect me. Instead I was in a mental Hospital. The law could not protect the victim .
3. What Evidence?  
Evidence : My Symptoms, Whistle Blower's Testimonies, Scientific Patents, Activists' Research Documents, Scientific Articles, Books, Doctors' Test, Professional's Scan- not yet but planning- need help My symptoms: V2K, Mind- Reading, Control, Manipulating  my Body, Emotion, Sleep, Dream, Sense of Balance, Loss of Memory,, Skin Problem,  Kidney Problem /Electric Shock/ Telepathic Communication, making my whole body be in unbearable condition
The Perps' Verbal Abuse: 
"You are not a Human Being, so you don't have Human Right"
“We can make you human vegetable"
"We can watch your naked body, your genital, your brain cells' activities, cell growing, bladder being filled with pee."
"You are our country's product, Go Home. Now we persuade but later we will repatriate you"
"We cannot understand why she didn't lose her memory even if we tried enough"
"The bad protein in her brain still not built up"
"How about your genitalia?  Isn't it moisturized?"
"Let's go to my house with me, so cute"
"You won't obey my command, then you deserve this punishment!
"Let's make a bet how long she can bear this sleep-deprivation, torture, abuse until she die"
"We thought she would die, but not. Strange!!"
"We can kill you secretly" 
"We should've killed you."
"Don't go there, you won't follow our command? You deserve this punishment".
4. What is the definition of a torture victim?                   
I discovered recently the truth- what has happened to me and for what My Body has been used.          
In my case, it began with serious Crime against an innocent citizen by the S. Korea Government in 1998 for the Human Genome Project of the USA .
From Mapping Human Genome research to the 4th Industrial Revolution, every field of science and technology began to be revolutionized while the victim's Human Right has been ignored completely. I have lived as a monitored animal in a lab cage .
My body has become a Global Neural Network and my body became a Business .
Some Law- breaking people have exploited, mangled, hacked and destroyed my body and my life brutally, illegally without conscience for their desire, profit, benefit, achievement .

They have stolen ,mangled ,exploited my brain, nerve, organs , all part of body, and soul for mapping Human Genome/ BCI/ AI/ Digital brain/ Finding disease cures such as Alzheimer (the cure medicine trial began in 2020), Parkinsons, cancer. Developing Artificial organs such as organoid, assembloid, biomedical prosthetics for the disabled, vaccine, cell-on-a chip ( alternative for animal testing), discovery of new human organ( between nose and throat) etc...

I have become a Neuroscience research slave for 22 years, I lost everything- my life that I had planned, Job opportunities, will to live, hope, faith. And injuries such as Memory-loss, physical debility, lack of concentration, health collapse, etc .

What should be included in the resolve and rights of a victim 

Investigation: Behind the marvelous advancement in technology and medical science, there are hidden victim's screams, pain, shame and suffering- filled life.  The citizens in the world must act to investigate what occurred who involved, why not stopped, and expose the evil, cruel, inhuman attack against an innocent person.

Litigation: Create global awareness about unpardonable, unfathomable atrocities against humanity
Compensation:  According to International Ethical Guideline for Human Subject Victims must not be ignored waive the right compensation for clandestine, illegal long - time human research related injuries, harms and loss.
The sponsors and researchers should have obligation with regard to compensation.         No one should be subjected to any form of brain reading process, biomedical and neuroscience research human subject involuntarily and without informed consent (In reality, the South Koreans broke into my house unlawfully, secretly, one night in 1998)
How to end Investigation, litigation, compensation, legislation .

Thank you for your concern and help.  I need HELP!! I have been desperately seeking a person like you. I won't forget you and your help .

Anonymous for privacy .

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