I'm targeted by islamist people
First, I'm sorry for the grammar / vocabulary mistakes but english is not my native language.

You're free to trust me or not but I'm not a troll and this is not a joke.
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What I am about to write can easily pass as delusional persecution. But having lived these experiences repeated over several years and in view of their nature, it is impossible for me at the present time to see any madness in them. I just haven't found the courage to confess the root cause of all this circus yet. I'm afraid I have waited too long before making up my mind and I don't want to take the risk of waiting any longer. I am not the only one concerned with what I have witnessed. It also affects a multitude of people who, if it turns out, risks a fate worse than death. It is more out of concern for their fate than for my own that I am writing this text. I would understand that you are skeptical of what I am going to reveal, it's even possible that I'll be a fool to your eyes. And I would like to discover one day that all of this is only my own madness. Because even if I will be like a fool, knowing that the horrors I have witnessed will never happen worth it.

My name is Mickael Zerbib and unlike many targeted people, I have a serious fault on my conscienceness. A mistake that cost the life of an innocent person. A fault so serious that I would have preferred to be killed before, and even, never to be born than to have committed it. I don't have the courage to describe this act. I will do it in a court of law. The only thing I remember is not having regained consciousness until after the act had been done. I had the intuition that I had done the worst, and at the same time, it seemed so horrible to me that I couldn't believe it. I didn't dare turn around to find out the truth. I ended up, after a while, being convinced that it was only my imagination. I was not aware during the first months after this that I have committed a crime. Some dreams (of the same type as the ones I talk about below) seemed to point to clues about my fault, but I still couldn't take them seriously. Their accumulation ended up leaving enough place for doubt to bring about growing fear and anxiety. Until an event occurs that forces me to confront the truth.
I am not writing these lines in the hope of instilling empathy. I will never forgive myself for the pain have caused and all my suffering is nothing in the face of the pain of the victims. The real reason, which will be described later, is that there are a multitude of human souls, who do not have my crime on their conscience, but who are nevertheless threatened with a fate worse than death. It is in the hope of saving them that I am writing this text.
During the first few years, the voices of my stalkers uttered only simple insults. I had no idea that there could be a technology that could simulates thought communication. At first I thought I had a mental illness, but over time, I realized it wasn't. I didn't yet believe humans could do this and was unaware of the V2K project. The only possible explanation at the time was that it was about spirits. Although not yet believing in this stuff, the repeated harassment of voices as well as the nature of my dreams, forced me to be open-minded to this hypothesis.

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For those who don't know what the term V2K means ("Voice to Skull" but also called "microwave auditory effect"). Here is the wikipedia page explaining this practice:
It is a form of mental torture using technology hidden from the public. Those who are victims of it hear the voices of their tormentors directly by thought. Targeted people may initially believe that they are insane. However:
- Thousands of testimonials, gathered from all over the world, can be found on the internet via sites that are dedicated to the phenomenon /
- More worrying, some of the people targeted, when the first stage of moral harassment is over, subish a second stage, where the voices leave room to various forms of remote tortures (burns, electrocutions, respiratory blockages ...). The testimonies of the victims are often accompanied by photos.
- Some sites explain in detail the operation of the devices used for this kind of practice. It also involves, in some cases, the projection of "induced dreams" (dreams projected directly into a person's mind during sleep).

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The first thing that distinguishes these dreams from normal dreams is the quality of graphic. The sets are not chaotic or hazy. It is a plunge into a virtual reality in 3D. There was such a good quality of image that it sometimes seemed ... better than the reality itself. The characters I dreamed of could not be the product of my imagination. They came in the best scenario to send me a message or to blame me for things done / thought in reality. They spoke and behaved like real humans and looked as real as in real life. At first, they were simple human beings who blamed me for my fault. These dreams were repeated over the long term, forcing me to take them seriously.
These dreams always happened the same way. An angelic entity presents itself in human form by saying "I am so and so" (or a voiceover presents itself by saying "Here is so and so"). As with other induced dreams, the dream scenery is as realistic as in real life. Then the problems begin ...
The three angels who most often appeared to me in a dream are Lucifer, Lilith and Satan (I know it sounds like a joke, but having experienced it, I know it is not) . and their intentions had never been friendly.
In a dream, I had an argument with Lilith. She gave me a "stroke" by putting her finger on my belly. My body was paralyzed, as during a tetany crisis, and traversed by electric shocks for a few seconds before I woke up.
In another dream, I was following in the footsteps of the one I knew to be Lucifer (he always took the same human appearance during our dream meetings). Then he turned around and told me that I had to work so that I wouldn't have to suffer forever.
Another dream; I was disembodied and high up, overlooking a living room. At the bottom was an "avatar" in human form repeating my thoughts. Opposite was a dark-haired man with shaggy hair whom a voiceover presented as "Satan". This one accused me of not loving my family. I retorted that as far as he was concerned, he didn't love anyone. Satan then attacked my avatar by the same technique of the "finger to the belly". This one was crossed by violent spasms and the dream ended.
Another dream; I was in an apartment. Outside were two gigantics and monstrous creatures that I knew to be Satan and Lucifer. The one I saw as Satan was a winged, anthropomorphic creature. He had thick, brown skin and was endowed with a shapeless head with flames issuing from the nostrils. Behind him stood a gigantic dragon whose body was that of a snake standing upright. The body, itself, was translucent and filled with smoldering ash.
There were other dreams involving these entities, but which boiled down to simple personal attacks. and do not contain relevant information. I do not wish, for this reason, to reveal them.
During this period, there was premonitory dream that marked me; I was above a devastated landscape. It was a city in ruins like after a cataclysm. After a while, a Japanese man stood in front of me, wishing to send me a message. Unfortunately, this kind of dream where I was not in my normal state. In this one, I had the body and the mentality of a child and I was unable to concentrate on what I was told. The person in front of me noticed it and left. When the cataclysm ravaged Japan a few years later, the images of the destroyed city broadcast on television matched those I saw in my dream.
Other dreams of religious nature were much more disturbing and are the main reason why I am writing this text. Insofar the visions which were given to me during these dreams have a relation with Islam, so I must specify the following thing; I have never been a Muslim, nor even in favor of Islam, and it is by no means a religious propaganda or a call for repentance. These dreams are revolting even to me and if the only way to fight against the horror of which I have been the witness is to denounce it, I must do it even if I pass in your eyes for someone crazy, delirious or even ridiculous. I also specify that having a guilty conscience because of my fault, I do not write this for my own salvation but there are a multitude of souls, who do not have serious crimes to their credit but that Islam wants to see tortured forever for the simple "sin" of refusing islam itself ant its yoke on their eternity (I would come back to this information that I received much later). And I don't want to leave this world by being an accomplice of Islam through my silence and my passivity. I also specify that at the time when I had these visions, I was ignorant of the possible correlations between the koran texts and what I saw in my visions (unfortunately, I cannot prove this at the present time so it's up to you to believe me or not). This being the case, here are the dreams in question ;
In a first dream, I bathed in a hot spring in the company of another person on a planet that had nothing to do with Earth. The sky and the landscape were reddened and looked like the surface of Mars. The person in question stood up and I was tempted to follow him. We walked into an underground bunker with several armored doors opening successively to our passage. I found myself in a huge dark room with puddles of lava on the floor. In one of them stood a calm man and a woman screaming in pain. The man kept his hand on the woman's shoulder as if to hold her in place. I found myself in another room where a man opened a crematorium which contained another man with a deformed forehead and lay down on his side. The first man took a fork and touched the flesh of the second as if it were cooking meat. When I woke up, I heard the voice of a man complaining that if he was already sentenced to be sent to hell, he did not understand why they wanted to make him look like a monster.
Another dream; A man was in a sort of engine room. Then a giant pliers took him and dropped it in a cauldron filled with boiling liquid before closing the lid.
Another dream; I was still in an underground bunker, but this time on the edge of a gigantic funnel-shaped abyss. The bottom of the chasm was filled with flames erupting like in a volcano. At the top hung a beam from which men were hung by the feet and whirled up and down. These men all had the same faces and were dressed the same. I was walking over the edge of the abyss with an old man who seemed to be explaining things to me, but I was unable to understand what he was saying.
Another dream; I was in a room surrounded by other people. In the center of the room was a large screen. The figure of Lucifer appeared on the screen explaining that hell was a planet. Then a movie appeared on the screen, showing a ship entering the atmosphere of a planet. The atmosphere was reddened and the planet looked the same as in the first dream with the bunker.
Another dream; I was in a building that seemed to be the premises of a company. A voiceover told me that I was in the "house of Lucifer". I walked forward and ended up finding myself in front of a secretary. She explained to me that they used an implant that they placed in the skulls of doomed persons in order to modify their perception of time by stretching it. She confessed to me that it was to prolong the torment of the damned.
Added to this are a few dreams in which men tied up in the middle of an assembly were burned alive.
I take this opportunity to make this request; if my words are credible to you and you believe in God. Pray for the souls that Islam wants to imprison in its eternal hell. Not so that it can integrate an Islamic heaven but so that they are free from Islam itself and from its hold on their eternity. I will come back to this in detail later, but right now, people whose only crime is to be against Islam are being tortured there.
After a while, I ended up returning to Judaism. I have never been attracted to religion in general. The main reasons that pushed me are:
- The hope of fixing my fault.
- The fact that Judaism does not focus about eternal hell, and the possibility, through prayer, to fight against this scourge.
- Before returning to Judaism, the threat of a violent death, temporary, but more imminent, ended up scaring me more than eternity itself.
The voices at this point were still the same and it was still just simple insults. It wasn't until a few years later that the verbal abuse would turn violent to the point of jeopardizing my mental health. Dreams were becoming rarer and rarer at this point although some were particularly disturbing.
In a dream ; I was in a bus. In the distance was a red moon that was setting like the sun. Then I was in a lunar-like landscape, except the real moon was in the sky and was much closer than on Earth. We could see its face fully illuminated and it occupied most of the sky (with the graphic quality that could have made an astronomer happy). A man next to me told me that convicts were trapped below the surface and were electrocuted there for 100 years ... then repeated several times "it's hell". After that, a gigantic Star of David made of flashing lights occupied the surface of the Moon. I walked in any direction and came across one of the most appalling scenes that is given to see in dream. I was in front of an open-air camp surrounded by fences. Inside, toddlers were screaming as they suffered sexual and scatological abuse from adult women, while other women in uniform watched the surroundings as if to check that no one was escaping. I was moving away from the scene and came across a friend of the time who said something totally opposite to what I saw: "Have you seen these brave women, how they take care of their children?" I described to him what I saw and he was speechless.
In a short time, the hope of repairing my fault and being able to fight against the threat of eternity of sorrows, through prayer and study, allowed me to hold out (it is a basis of Judaism that prayer can change everything, even the worst disasters).
It turns out that before the fault, I had always preferred nothing to eternity. The foul fault I had on my conscience had forced me to put my ego aside and accept eternity in Judaism. But over time, the fear of eternity and especially of eternity in this world have taken over.
After a while, I came across an old text called "Gnosis" during an internet search. The text mentioned the god of monotheistic religions as an impostor who opposed the true god, hidden from the world, and supposedly represents a god of mercy. In another life, it would have seemed like a childish account. But with my life and my personal experience of the religions of this world, its existence, although hypothetical, was nothing delusional to me. This god was much more credible than the divine figure presented through the prism of the religions of this world. I prayed to him to save all the souls in this world and not to let anyone suffer forever. At that moment, the voice of an operator who was supposed to monitor my thoughts accused me to be a traitor in the pay of the enemy. He subsequently commented on several acts of my daily life of this same accusation (in Judaism, the fact of praying or addressing a god other than the one of the Torah is considered as idolatry and constitutes one of the most serious crimes).
From that moment on, the telepathic harassment really began and the attack by dreams took a different turn.
I had many dreams where strangers, often women, accused me for all the setbacks that have happened to me since my childhood. If it was about my fault that haunted me for years, I would have accepted it. Except that it went to the point of accusing me of having come into the world to steal the attention of my parents during a dream where I was represented by a child with a skull for a face. These dreams were also in HD and reproduced scenes from my childhood in a realistic way and commented on by strangers.
Other dreams are less personal:
In one of them, I was surrounded by women looking after their children before entering any room. Two strangers passed by reproaching me for having done things to them that I have no memory of. Then a dong was heard followed by a voiceover: "We have entered the Age of Aquarius".
Another dream, more distressing, showed a scene of torture in which a bound man was butchered alive.
Another dream: Two men held an obese child with a misshapen head standing in the middle of what appeared to be a huge circular pool filled with liquid lava. The child seemed to be the only one to suffer from it. A panoramic view showed other children with the same facial deformity standing in a circle around the walls of the "pool" and standing ready to blow darts into the pool. While a demon with an imposing build seemed to swim there normally.
Another dream: I saw two non-human creatures facing each other. The one I was facing myself was rising above the ground. She had a conical trunk for legs, and her skin looked thick and gray. A voiceover identified me with this creature saying: "Electricity can do nothing against magnetic force".
I remember hearing the voice of this awake person again and even arguing with her.
Another dream: A woman was holding the hand of Lucifer who was seated and his head bowed. The same voice-over from the previous dream says: "Lucifer does not want to suffer for all eternity" (the same Lucifer who had no problem imposing this threat on others in other dreams).
Another dream: men are kept upright and asleep. A voiceover informs me that they are under the control of an evil god. An intuition prompts me to say the name "Shabtai" (Shabtai = Saturn in Hebrew). Then I find myself in a closed room filled with monitors. A man with long, brown hair from which emanated a dark aura and another short, stocky man told me that they were going to take care of my "seeds in vain" but that I had to help them in return, and for that, to come back and see them next week. Having no control over my dreams, I could not see them again on my own and had no visit from them.
During this period, I had a very realistic dream where I saw a giant woman levitating in the center of a gigantic spherical room. After a moment, she removed a device from her forehead that seemed to read my thoughts. She got angry and launched into a series of reproaches. She then gave instructions to two men standing in front of me who replied: "Yes, Mother Earth Gaia"
This dream took place during the period when I was attacked on scenes of my childhood. So no, my thoughts were indeed not the sweetest.
After this dream, my emotions took over my reason. I was desperately trying to escape the spirituality of this world. and on the other hand, the awareness of my fault was holding me back. I naively thought, that with a higher entity, I would have been entitled to an outstretched hand that I could not expect from men because of the gravity of my fault. So I asked for help from her to repair my fault and obtain forgiveness. It was a mistake. I should have suspected, at the sight of the contempt displayed during this first dream about her, that it was a bad start. I got a response in the form of a dream the same day.
In this dream, voices asked me to kill myself because "Gaia cannot want me". Then I found myself in the devastated landscape of a ruined city. A man reproached a woman in front of him for having done him unforgivable harm. A second man, with a pointed face and whose humane appearance was betrayed by entirely black eyes, appeared. He asked the woman to confirm these accusations. The woman in question had giant worms that originated in the skin of her cheeks and spread about six inches from her face as if they wanted to escape. They rippled and produced a sound that was not natural.
Another dream: books were intended for several people and a voice-over explained to me that at the end of time, Gaia would distribute books containing the life and secrets of each to the people concerned and that this truth will seal their fate forever .
There were a few dreams involving this entity called "Gaia", but which did not contain important information.
Except for one of them, where she revealed to me that she intended to make souls suffer forever for the harm they caused her.
Being used to seeing this threat of eternity of sentences from monotheist sources, This statement surprised me. An internet search on the character made me realize that this was not surprising. The myth of eternal hell is forged from the pagan polytheist who not only preceded the monotheistic religions, but also forged them.
For Catholicism: www.vision.org/fr/node/626
For Islam: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Les_origines_...de_l'Islam
After these events, new people came to haunt my conscience. Their verbal attacks were much more violent than those of the previous ones which were satisfied, for the most part, with simple insults and continued 24 hours a day. They knew how to rub salt in the wound with personal attacks always pushing me to the edge of nervous breakdown. They also kept repeating that "I am going to suffer for all eternity", that "it is the consequence", that "I am a hypocrite" or that "it is I who would have started", all accompanied by requests of submission, threats of physical attacks, or even violent death. And if this harassment would have been for my fault that haunted me since years, I would not have blamed them.
The accusations were repeated over and over. They were the same sentences repeated over and over with the exception of sometimes when they seemed to communicate more normally (even in those times, it was impossible to reason with them as they were content to stick to their position by repeating the same ready-made answers. ). I thought at first, that this harassment was due to the fault I had on my conscienceness. I realized later that these assumption were wrong. I heard sometime my tormentors, speaking with a person trying to defend me and answer him by saying "that there should be no exceptions". This admission on their part aroused my suspicions, for if there should be no exception, according to them, mean that I was not the only one they wanted to see suffering forever. It turns out later (when I later learned the real reason for this circus) that the souls they wanted to condemn in this way had done nothing that could deserve such a fate. My suspicions were confirmed during a dream without a picture where I heard a crowd screaming in pain but with a low volume as for a recording, and over it, the voice-over of one of my tormentors repeating: "this is only the consequence ". I heard sometime, talking to each other and reporting to their superiors (this often coincided with the period of waking up after a night's sleep) and who participated for a time in the group harassment. The harassment continued with the same vague accusations repeated over and over. They insist in particular, still to this day, "that I must accept their eternal suffering" because otherwise, according to them, "it would be too easy". Sometimes they insist on passing their sentence to hell as a lesson in humility for provoking them (and again, if they would have talked about my fault, I would have understood that, but it was not the case). I could point the finger at their stupidity in believing that no one can condemn a soul forever for temporary futilities like feeling provoked, or for trifles like easyness. They always came back to the charge, either with another accusation among those cited above, or with insults.
I finally understood what it was all about when my tormentors started to invent a muslim life for me that I never had. Since they seemed to be speaking to an assembly, and this, on several occasions, I understood that they were not the only ones watching my thoughts. The most plausible explanation is that it was a lie they allegedly invented to justify Islam's hold on my eternity. No matter how many times I pleaded my case, and debunked their lies, they were content to deny and repeat the same thing: "he has always been a muslim / islamist", also calling me a liar and a hypocrite in their place to justify their lies and their hypocrysia. Since they were so persuaded that I could be a Muslim, that made me think of a second hypothesis. Namely, that they were shown a Muslim life fabricated from scratch. Their willingness to impose the hold of Islam on my eternity and the refusal to admit that they would have been bogged down from the start are two good reasons why they could have believed this lie and clung to it despite all my efforts to justify myself (going so far as to call me arrogant when they claim to know my own life and my own memories better than I do). The "we" could be their hierarchical superiors. I did not have any evidence, at this time, which would allow me to confirm this hypothesis. My stalkers did not accuse me only of being a Muslim but to have always been in Islam and even to have always been devoted to it. Their insistence on this and my dreams of the past relating to Islam made me think that I may have been enlisted in Islam without my consent and without knowing anything about it for years. Since I never practiced Islam, it could only be about a hold on my soul / conscienceness. I had thought, at first, to have been sold to Islam because of the fault on my conscienceness, but my stalkers have repeatedly insisted that I was 'always' devoted to it. To this is added one of the recurring comments from them which is that I am "blind from birth". It was only after having been able to make the connection with Islam that I understood the meaning. So I asked for my aposthasy in the hope of being freed from it. A voice that was unfamiliar to me confirmed that I have always been an aposthat. There followed a period when my stalkers panicked at the idea that I was leaving Islam. Unfortunately, this did not work. Shortly after, they came back claiming that my request was rejected and that I will always be stuck in Islam. After this event, they started to change their speech. They kept saying over and over again that they were going to make me pay for being opposed to Islam, that I would always be condemned to hell for it. They continued to say since that days that I'm the one who started all this by being against islam. Again, it was fine to insist that being against a religion, whatever it is, is not a crime and can never justify any punishment, and even less an eternity of torture. It always came back to talking to a wall. Added to this are the threats of being reduced to eternal slavery and the more astonishing threat of "devouring our souls".

I would like to clarify again the real reason which prompts me to write all this (assuming that I am taken seriously). It is not so much for my own salvation, because, although I have only remorse and disgust for my crime, I do not know, in view of its gravity, if I could one day repair, or at least be saved or forgiven. The point is, those who harass me don't want to see me sentenced for my fault. If he would have been one of the people who suffered because of me, they could have justified their persistence. They wish to condemn a multitude of souls including mine, not for hypothetical crimes on conscience, but for being in revolt against the Islamic religion which they intend to impose on our souls and minds through their mental manipulation (they became aware of the existence of my crime only when I wrote this text). It is for the salvation of these souls, more than for my own, that I write all this at the risk of appearing ridiculous to many readers.

During this period of harassment, dreams also took another turn. In one of them I saw a man strangely resembling me sitting with a scepter in his hand. Then men arrive and cry: "we must save the king". Other dreams shared the same message. But the most disturbing of all was this one:
I was in a political building with enough room to accommodate an assembly and I felt a discomfort which prompted me to leave as quickly as possible. I found myself in a pedestrianized street in front of an old woman who stared at me, shouting: "His senile majesty!" several times. Another woman, younger, came and dragged her by the collar to a manhole cover from which a thick smoke was emerging. Then she shouted in her ear: "Look, look how you're going to end up if you don't shut up!" At this moment, a third woman passed, accompanied by a short, stocky man entirely concealed under a cape. Seeing the woman in question intrigued by the scene, he replied: "It is lord Yr of the air, He could have married the princess and ruled the world but he preferred to seek to escape it". (I remember having wished to be able to leave this world on several occasions. This is one of the reasons which pushed me to move away from Judaism which asks to accept an eternity in this world). I may have looked for information on the net on this famous "Yr", I have not found anything valid so far. On the other hand, I have other dreams featuring the "princess" in question. Her appearance was always the same: slim, of medium height with long black hair. She displayed great restraint, both in her words and in her demeanor. Here are the dreams in question:
In one of them, she put her hand on mine as if to signify that we were promised to each other. The same scene happens again, but this time I saw myself putting my hand on mine. She took her hand away and placed it on that of another man standing beside me. Then another person made me understand that I am no longer worthy of it.
There are certain dreams where I embody another person, often a child, and where I am pushed to do or say stupid things that I would normally refuse. In one of them, I saw myself doing a loathsome thing that I didn't want to reveal. The "princess", then present, was disgusted and moved away near the man of the previous dream to whom she had offered her hand. The man in question told me to stay away from her and another person intervened on my behalf, stating that I was being controlled and not aware of what I was doing.
In the last dream concerning her, I was in front of a screen on which was displayed an internet chat where several anonymous people were lamenting that the princess was going to die.
Another dream, also disturbing: I was in what looked like business premises. An "employee" handed me a magazine telling me I needed to be informed. In contact with it, I was thrown into another decor. I was under the ocean and saw two armies of sea creatures facing each other. They were anthropomorphic, held weapons, and appeared to be gifted with intelligence although their appearance was not human. The physical differences between the members of the two clans would suggest that they were two different species. A voiceover said to me: "A war broke out in Atlantis before the appearance of humanity". I was back in the premises in front of the employee who informed me that I had a task to accomplish. New decor, and this time, it was a desert plain. I was like disembodied and high, and for some reason I had the power to summon lightning. Groups of men appeared and I was asked to exterminate them. I knew it wasn't a fiction but at the same time my consciousness was altered and asleep to the point of not being affected by what I was being asked to do. I struck down lightning on some groups of men until a woman and her children appeared. The woman told me that they were entitled to divine mercy and that I should kill them (don't ask me how the two things are compatible). I had the lightning knocked down for the first time. The children were near death but still alive. The woman asked me to finish them so that the divine mercy might be fulfilled. That's when I came to my senses. I refused his request explaining that I will not attack children. The woman insisted but I refused. A tall, blond man entered the scene and seemed delighted with my decision. He tells me that he will consider me a friend from now on. End of the dream.
This man appeared to me in another dream. I was at his side and in front of me was an alley and at the end of it, the short and stocky man of the dream on "lord Yr of the air". I knew without knowing the details that he suffered from a very poor physical condition. I asked my new "friend" if it was possible to help him. He told me that it was only an Arab and that it didn't matter. I replied that it was a human being. He groaned in annoyance and warned me that I should not abuse his patience. Our friendship was therefore short-lived.
Another dream: I was in a room whose walls, floor and ceiling were red steel, rusted and dotted with small circular holes, so that you could see a glow emanating from the floor below. You could also hear the constant screams of a suplicated man. These cries still haunt me today, and if my consciousness was not altered as in some dreams, they would have been impossible for me to behave normally. In the center of the room was a table, around which were two women in white togas. I was in an instant sitting at this table with them. They seemed to know me because one of them greeted me by my first name and told me that I could ask them a question, but only one. The two big problems that have haunted me for years are the daily mental harassment and the threat of eternity of suffering. I asked to know how to fight against the threat of eternal hell, which extends over eternity, and goes well beyond the framework of mental harassment limited to the time of a human life. I was warned that the thing was impossible for me. But I really wanted to know and I insisted. I received as a response the names of two state structures in the United States whose importance has earned them worldwide renown. I'm pretty sure it was the Pentagon and the White House (I wanted to jot down the information as soon as I woke up, but the extreme tiredness at the time won out and I fell asleep again. I know, however, that it was about buildings of this scale and which can be counted on the fingers of one hand). In one of the buildings were associated the jailers and in the other the eternal prisoners. Supposing it is true, this information is surprising because the threats of eternal hell usually come from a religious camp (in my case Islam) or from "Gaia". I was far from suspecting that the American government could be involved.
Certain dreams were disturbing, not for the horror scenes they could contain, but to portray a character that I would have liked never to see in a dream. In one of them, I was in a deserted plain surrounded by Nazis in uniform. I tried to flee the place but I always ended up involuntarily pushing one of the people around me. Each time, it generated bullying and annoyance on their part and the person I embodied apologized. For a brief moment, I saw the body of the character that I embodied at a distance and it was a body of a woman. Arrived in front of the last Nazi, I tried somehow to get around him, but I always ended up hitting him. The Nazi in question got angry at first, then got up to come to blows. Then intervened a person in the background to order him to calm down. It was Adolf Hitler.
In another dream, a blond man, with curly hair and always displaying an immense forceful smile, appeared (I had already seen him in a dream where he was hosting a variety show in front of an audience). Hitler appeared in front of him and the two men shook hands, confirming that they had made a deal (I don't know any details about it).
Another dream, I was in what looked like a control room with, again, Nazis in uniform. Hitler himself entered from one end of the room and walked to an elevator at the other end, which I entered too. The elevator starts and he asks me to "stop playing the fool". I saw in the mirror of the elevator that I wore a "kippah" (or "skull cap", a head covering that practicing Jews used to wear all the time). I took it off and examined my face. It was that of a young adult who had nothing to do with mine.
Finally, there are a number of dreams in which I embodied a child. It was the same child for a period of time before it was replaced by another. These dreams do not give important information, and in view of the size of the text to be written, I preferred to concentrate on the essentials.
At the time of writing this text. I'm afraid I have waited too long. My suspicions that other mute people were listening to my thoughts were confirmed. On several occasions, I heard them say that people will try to rescue me, a few days later, that they were taken hostage, and a few days later, one of them revealed to have killed them. This news put me in a state of shock. I realized that time was running out and that I had wasted too much time postponing the deadline to confess my fault and denounce my tormentors. I was collapsed, I asked my 'allies' to wait until the end of the week before coming to help me. Giving me the necessary time to write this text denouncing my fault, the danger of islam and my stalkers. Unfortunately, I have poorly organized my time, and spend too much time knowing what and how to write. The deadline was quickly reached and I had not finished writing the entire text. I naively thought that writing the text was the most important, despite my enemies' insistence that I should not sleep (The rescue seemed to be done while sleeping by capturing the target's consciousness). I was afraid, after having strongly insisted that I was going to finish on time and have myself set the deadline to come and get me that the fact of not keeping my word would cause my allies to abandon me. I therefore ask to postpone the deadline for a few hours until the middle of the night. But at this new deadline, my stalkers said "it was too late". In the following days, I learned that these allies were taken hostage and were going to be sent to hell. The idea that allies who came to help me would be captured and condemned to islamic hell for not having been able to keep a simple deadline horrified me. It may sound like a personal delirium but after all the experiences I had, it has not been delusional to me. Despite all my prayers to God to deliver the hostages, my enemies warned me that they had been sent there. I am still horrified by the effect of my stupidity. This fault is irreparable, and has finished removing in me all the strength to continue. The idea that human beings, allies, will at every moment of my existence suffer endless suffering by my negligence is unbearable to me. I couldn't hold on to anything anymore.
After half a day in a state of shock, I told myself that I had to denounce my stalkers and their Islamic organization through the internet.
 Now, I know their accomplice who know their identity. I had only suspicions in the first time, but there was some clues that point against her :
- I was attacked by dreams (it was not normal dreams) a lot of time, by her or my perpetrators, and sometimes all of them.
- Threat by an anonymous telephone call.
 - My perps knew nothing about me before the begining of this harrasment some years ago (the same time whence she attacks me by dreams). The only way for them to know my identity is by someone that I know myself.
And even to this point, there was not yet decisive proof against her. I saw a lot of people that I knew in real world by induced dreams, and I know that they are not their accomplice,  they're not the kind of people to play with other's mind and they don't have any telepathic abilities.
But dispite of all that, I had a decisive proof :
 - There was a time when I tried to report my perps, their organisation and their practice by text to send by internet. My perps began to panic and said to me that they'll try to report me first to make me lost my credibility. Whriting my text took me more time than I predicted, this and my doubts about this person that retarded me. Because of all this, my perps said to me that they succeed to report me first. They was so happy about their 'victory' that they confess to me that she was their accomplice during all this time (if you think that I'm schizophrenic, you could think that it's not a proof. But I'm the one who live with that and I know that It's real).
Normally, I would never report someone in public, but the more we wait, the more they will kill new hostages and send their souls into the islamic hell. So this is her identity :

Her name is Johanna Zerbib and she live in France

From now on, I know that hostages are currently trapped in Islamic hell. And this is because of my passivity that has pursued me since childhood. I was too late in denouncing islam. Afraid of exposing my fault, persuading that I had time to postpone, always trying to escape reality and unable to focus in a long term on any task. Reassured by the promise of my enemies that "I will be the first to go to hell", I started writing this text too late, taking too long to block out what and how to write it. And made catastrophic choices in my unconsciousness.
I come to my dire situation, where I realize that with every passing minute, people are doomed to torture, in part, because of my passivity.
If you've had the patience to read this paver, there are two options left:
- You take me for a fool. I don't blame you, I would like to be convinced of it. I would look stupid, but in return, I no longer need to worry about the horrors I dreamed of if it was just the fruit of my own madness. The problem is that having personally lived these experiences, I am unable to believe, after all these years, in a form of personal madness.
- If you believe me, Those who harass me and who are those who send souls to the torments of Islam must be stopped as soon as possible. And for those who are close to God, I beg you to pray for the salvation, in a short time, of the souls trapped in Islamic hell. These souls are not murderers and even less guilty of my fault. Their only wrongs is, for some, to have wanted to help me, and for others, to be against Islam and eternity of penalties. I will go to justice to denounce my fault, hoping that this will, on the one hand, console the suffering of those who have suffered through my fault and that God, in his mercy, will agree to free the captives of Islam.

PS : You can contact me by mail = Neptune10ei@gmail.com

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