My story involves "aliens". Anybody else?
When I first noticed I was being "communicated" with, it was probably September of 2018. I had recently set up and moved into a new camp spot. I would not so much hear voices, but muffled responses? I really don't know how to describe it. Was this synthetic telepathy? Even though I couldn't understand, in a way I could. Over time I somehow began to realize that I was communicating with Pleiadians, at least in my head. I had already been noticing people watching me for months, so combined I started to believe some "crazy" shit. The soul of Zeus is in me, for one. I even had changed my Facebook page photo to one of Zeus. I had felt one night that I had a divine intervention, and this is when Zeus and I became one. Another, thing I was led to believe was that I am "the light", and someone very special indeed. One night I "accepted the offer" from the "Pleiadians" to receive one of their implants supposedly. This implant would connect me to the great Pleiadian library, all of the knowledge they have. If that doesn't sound crazy enough already, they convinced me that I was a holder of light.. This is why I was supposed to go to Eugene, because me and my "light" needed to be there. Why? I really hadn't a clue, but in my head I was "supposed to". On or around January 16, I have my friend from Eugene come pick me up to take me there. I stayed at his dad's place for a two days, using the internet a lot, trying to figure out what the Hell is going on with me, who am I, etc.. On January 20, 2019, there is a little thing called a "blood moon".  Hmm? On the third day my friend drives me to Lost Creek, along the McKenzie river about 60 miles from Eugene. I go there to camp for a couple of days, and the "Pleiadians" were seemingly "waiting" for me. I thought I would be alone, the whole reason for going there. This is where I began to truly believe this shit. I am not just crazy. Sunday morning, January 20, 2019, I leave my tent at 9:00 a.m. to catch the bus at the rangers station on McKenzie Bridge Highway near McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. Having walked the trail to there several times in the past, I knew it took 45 to 50 minutes to walk the three miles. On Sunday, the bus leaves there at 10:00. When I get to the rangers station, the clock there says it is 9:54. It took a little longer than expected, but still there in time. The bus is usually there by then already. Must be running late, it happens sometimes. I stand there, and stand there, ??? What's up, did it get in a wreck or something? Probably about 10:30 I pull out my cellphone to see what time it says. WHAT??!! HOW??!! My phone shows it as being Monday January 21!!! On Mondays, and all weekdays, the bus leaves there at 9:50 a.m, but 10:00 a.m. on weekends. I had timed it just right for Sunday, which is what day it was when I left, but not what day it was when I got there!! I wait in the woods near the ranger station for the next bus at 4:00 p.m. This gives me several hours to sit around pondering what has happened. I believe that there could be aliens, but come on! Was I abducted? Abducted on the day that this "blood moon" occurs? The Super Blood Wolf Moon in LEO (my astrological sign) no less, I find out months later. How else do you explain it? I missed a day! This is one thing I am absolutely sure of. It was Sunday when I left, Monday when I got there. I wait several hours for the next bus, at 4:00p.m., giving me lots of time to think about my missing time. When I arrive in Eugene, I head to a spot I know to crash for the night. It's an office building with a covered area in back that I have stayed many times before. This is where I am communicating with supposedly "reptillians" for a few nights. The "reptillians" are telling me the "Pleiadians" are actually their slave masters, and that they are deceivers intent on taking over the planet. The "Pleiadians" would say the exact same thing about the "reptillians"!  After being back in Eugene a day or two is when I started to believe that I am seeing aliens. I rode the EMX bus daily, which goes by the University Of Oregon, noticing students that look a bit "different". I am seeing an unusual amount of very tall white guys around, I am seeing other people that look kind of "alien" for no better term. People that just look very out of place for Eugene. I am feeling that my intuition is very strong at this time, so I at least think I am onto something here. I start noticing other things over the next days, and am convinced I am "seeing" things others don't. Hanging out at the library and Starbucks, I can see what appear to be reptillians in human form? When I would look at someone, I could see their "true form". So sure of myself, I could just look at someone and tell if they were reptilian or not. I could spot others I believed to be human/grey alien hybrids. Others with huge eyes that I didn't know what they were, but I KNEW they were aliens. Thing is, it seemed SO real. I took pictures of some of them, so sure of myself I was right. An Aryan/Nordic, whatever, really caught my eye. He seemed robotic in his actions. I was SURE this guy was an alien! I am really freaking out by now. I feel I am seeing things others don't. Like the movie "They Live" for no better description, but I didn't need those special glasses, I just saw through them. This was the first of several days in Eugene that I see these things, but far from the craziest. In the days to come it just gets a whole lot more insane.
I have had some contact with the pleiadians also. They show me star maps etc. They have never told me to do anything bad/destructive and have always encouraged me, unlike the demonic/evil beings. I have also experienced what you described with seeing the reptilian true form in humans, only the ones I saw were traditional demonics I believe.

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