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(22-02-2020, 10:13 PM)Loulou Wrote: Thanks Administrator for putting this forum in play and making it available to TIs. It’s a pleasure to review a site that doesn’t have misinformation posted by perps posing as TIs.

Your  Welcome   Loulou  .

Hopefully  we  can succeed  and making this platform one to work from away  from facebook groups and other social media sites one for us .  Thanks Loulou .
Hi, new member, in my late 30's, just joined today and am super duper glad to have found such a community for us tortured TI's. There is not enough support for us, especially when it seems the whole world is against us (which in some ways, it is). Very disturbing that, as is the altered reality we live in. I have just recently found out about all this stuff and that it had a name to it. And that most importantly, I am not alone. I have been alone for too long, most of my life in fact dealing with this atrocious crap, even before I knew what it was, and before I even knew I was being targeted. My story is not one for the faint-of-heart, as would most, if not all TI's stories be, I would think.

I have been targeted due to who I am at the soul level. Pathetic when the perps are frightened by little children who might one day rise up against them? *sigh* They are pure evil, and it needs to be stopped, as would any true TI would agree. And watch out for fake TI's, they can be just as bad as the perps themselves and might even join them in their diabolical activities, if they haven't been doing so from square one.

It's a huge relief to find this forum. Let's all support one another and make the world what it SHOULD be in the end. One of peace, one of freedom, one of love, one of beauty. A world where evil cannot exist. It is a long time in coming, and I for one, will be SO glad when that day comes and we can all breathe easily again. Our destiny and life/divine purpose is our own to live and NO ONE can decide that for us.
Thanks for the post I found it an Education of words .

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